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The TYPE-A Writing Process

I saw a doctor two years ago because I hadn’t taken a s#*! in two days and called my sports medicine doctor who referred me to a surgeon as I requested. I knew something was wrong, a fissure or hemorrhoids perhaps and I needed surgery stat!

I got an appointment in less than an hour, and immediately left work. His office looked like the hallway of The Shining where the two dead twins stood, and then lied, bathed in their own blood. I hadn’t met him, but google said he had taught at John’s Hopkins Medical School as an associate professor, he was from the East Coast, and when he walked in—Jewish, very Jewish. I like that. My grandmother, who was a doc herself always said to see Jewish or Indian doctors (perhaps because she’s Jewish?) because they study harder. Grandma could totally be prejudice, but I put my life in this man’s hands. Read More

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Running in Los Angeles

Nobody really knows how out of shape they are until they challenge the beating sun. Hiking in Utah is difficult; hiking in Los Angeles mid-afternoon is impossible. It’s like the prelude to a baptism where you confess to the person next to you, the trail, God or the universe all the things you ate that led to this very moment right before you purge yourself of all your stomach’s contents. Your explosive vomit is then followed by a moment of personal self-reflection (now you’ve shut up): why did I eat left over pizza for breakfast? That’s not FUEL! My body’s like a car and it needs fuel to make it up this mountain.

Los Angeles kind of runs the same way as Runyon canyon. Read More

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