Over the past few years I have co-written five spec scripts with my writing partner Jonathan McKeon for Shameless, Awkward,Workaholics, GIRLS and this year, THE VAMPIRE DIARIES. Shameless made the top 5 percent of the Warner Bros. Television Writers’ Program Submissions out of 1,730 scripts in 2012.
We’ve also written a few television pilots and Young Adult novels.
We are currently shopping our polished work to agents.
I freelance AND help screenwriters and authors. Check out my gig here:
We have several projects outlined, but not yet in pitch form that we are passionate about.
Here is a little “pitchfest” of some of our YA work specifically:


Emma Rocklin thinks the nuances of navigating a new high school are her greatest obstacles, until she is murdered and becomes Brentwood’s biggest problem.
SYMPTOMS OF YOUTH is an 87,000-word YA paranormal thriller that stalks Emma through the marshes of Louisiana following her mysterious murder. Now a zombi subject to Voodoo and the evil bidding of a powerful, yet anonymous Bokor, Emma is on the hunt for a cure. Why is she a flesh-eater by night? Who is controlling her? And who is choosing her victims? The answers lie within an ancient rivalry between the families of her friends. Can her friends bury the hatchet—rather than her—and help put an end to the horror?


When 17-year-old Taylor Talbot’s  school interpreter signs that she will be doing a class assignment for the next eight weeks with a rag tag group of girls, Taylor is anything but ecstatic. Her quiet life does not involve girl drama. But as she enters their homes she doesn’t need to hear to piece together that something seriously wrong–maybe even deadly–is going on.

When the group bitch goes missing, Taylor uncovers a twisted secret and she can no longer be silent. But she will have to risk the danger of the spotlight to convince the basketball town of Brookeside to believe their state champ and hero is a psycho. But will they listen? Or point their fingers at her? And what if they’re right?

THE SIGN is a contemporary YA psychological thriller.


When naive 17-year-old Hannah is confronted with the crumbling lives of her Mormon community she must also face her own rebellious demons.

If they all did everything right, how can they be unhappy? And how could one woman—a whirlwind of perfume and stilettos—eviscerate an entire community? Hannah knows the rules that are clearly laid out by the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints. But then sultry young Angela and her snake tattoo slither into the lives of the Mormon residents in Utah County. She creates a destructive force, leaving broken families in her wake. Hannah has always seen pieces of herself in the lives that are now being destroyed. Is she foreseeing her own dire fate? Will Hannah turn her back on the only gospel she’s ever known? Or will she carve a new path out of the Rocky Mountain Bowl?

SEX WITH ANGELA is contemporary YA.


It’s the new girl’s role to fill everyone in on her awesomeness, but what happens when an even newer new girl snags the spotlight?
14-year-old new girl Heidi Hamilton is just getting settled in as the “it” girl when a newer, funnier, prettier version of herself swoops in claiming new girl status and the swarm of populars that come with it. With both girls vying for attention they get caught up in a downward spiral of crazy tall tales, each topping the last to undo each other. When neither of these rivals has any friends left an unexpected friendship forms between them.

THE NEW, NEW GIRL is a contemporary YA.



Shameless meets Suburgatory in HOMELESS

17-year-old Aubrey Morgan and her mother Eliza may look like Gillmore girls, but they’re on the run from Aubrey’s estranged alcoholic father with his shady ledgers and half-a-mil in tow. Their plans on the road come to a screeching halt when Eliza’s unregistered vehicle and all the money in the trunk are impounded. Suddenly low on cash the two find themselves at the mercy of living with friends and family—each home more uninviting and bizarre than the last—in the sleepy town of Meadowbrook, CA.

Three homes, two strange families, one high school, a secret admirer, and an unforgettable junior year are the recipe for HOMELESS, a DRAMA with comedic elements.


When bright-eyed Haley Hart moves to Hollywood for a writing internship she has no idea she’s about to run into her fiancé’s first love, Cassandra. A supermodel.

And Haley’s fiancé is the one that got away. After Haley tweets her location, Cassandra curiously stalks her into a club on Sunset. Not only has Cassandra slept with Haley’s fiancé in the past, she’s also slept with Haley’s little sister’s ex-girlfriend, which is too close for comfort. When they meet all hell breaks loose as glass shatters, nails break, and hair extensions spontaneously combust.

From green to jaded these girls each have something the other one wants.

Drama with comedic elements.


She thought she could live life the way she wrote it, but life’s a bitch and she’s not the author.

When a 26-year-old grandiose writer has a run in with a popular high schooler that lands them both in jail, neither realize they are looking into a mirror. Until life unravels leaving them both desperate for answers with no one but each other.

Drama with comedic elements.