A new direction

I am happy to announce an interesting twist I have decided to take for this website’s purpose.  As you know, my background is in English and writing with an interest in and the pursuit of critical theory. After my experience last week guest speaking in a college classroom, about gender and race, I want to focus more on the issues we face.

I intend to seek out other members and doctorates of the community in the fields of Economics and Critical Theories in order to learn more and share views on: current affairs, feminism, masculinity, patriarchy, the American Dream, global issues, racial issues, immigration, and many more topics of interest.

I intend to discuss these things, and I have lined up several interviews with people who are valuable to these larger conversations going on to shed more light and knowledge on such topics.  My main goal is to take complex ideas and simplify them for everyone to understand and  see ways one will be able to respond to these conversations in local communities. These discussions will be in video and audio format for viewing and hopefully eventual free downloadable podcasts.

To give you a taste for what types of discussions will be going on I have inserted some of my favorite clips. Please view. Warning, there is some nudity and disturbing images  in some of the videos.

the codes of gender

Sexism, Strength and Dominance: Masculinity in Disney Films

bell hooks Pt 5 cultural criticism (madonna)

Dreamworlds 3 part 6 masculinity and control

dream worlds part2 the pornographic imagination


Thanks for your continued support.

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