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Ugh. I keep thinking my novel is done, only to re-write it. I have been busy lately. I had a cool experience on New Year’s Eve with my sister and her husband. They really opened my mind up to my inner self and since then I have felt a lot of peace. I am also striving for things I can’t even imagine reaching somedays. I work hard every day. Do my 9-6 well, come home and write or contemplate. It is good to exercise and spend time thinking alone. I’ve come up with some crazy ideas for my novel “Sex with Angela” and feel like I’ve just started. I wish it were done already! But hard works is what pulls me one day closer to what I want.

Rachel wrapped up her first film “Killer Holiday” starring Michael Copon. Please go see it when it hits theaters. My little  17 year old brother just finished his first year of college and has decided to move to Los Angeles to hang out on set with my sister and get closer to the music scene. Mom and dad will go CRAZY once he’s gone. It was not a graceful transition for me or Rach. They dropped their lives to raise us, and now they have to pick up the pieces together and create something new. I wonder what they will do! Dad’s been hitting the gym hard. He’s thinking about competing WITH ME this fall at the Utah NPC show in the masters division. He will kick ass. He’s buff.

I need more FUN. I’ve been having a little lately, and now it’s a craving. I could seriously just pack up a bag right now and buy an airline ticket somewhere and go. I’ve been infected with the fun bug and now I am goofing around a lot at work. It’s made it more fun and rewarding.

Let’s see…my fiance, Johnny, is being cleared by the NCAA right now to play football for the U. He’s majoring in economics, and was deciding on a fun minor. He got this neat invite to join some acting thing on campus…I don’t know what it’s called, but it’s a pretty rigorous program and would be fun. He’s very lively.

It’s weird working in admissions at a college. All the girls in the halls are my age. And I am the one who interviewed them for acceptance into the school.  Many of the students are older than me. It is surreal. It’s a strange feeling. I connect to them on a daily basis about their goals and life and college fun and issues and help them, but at the same time there is a disconnect. I had a lot of fun in high school, and a little in college. I was pretty preoccupied. I didn’t know these years were for parties and boys:) I am happy to be working, but at the same time I need to make sure I BREATHE and HAVE FUN so I don’t miss out on life because I am too busy PLANNING.

Have a FUN week every body. Do something crazy, illegal, whatever. Just don’t get caught:) I know I will.

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