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Just moved into a new apartment. Things have been hectic lately as I’ve been moving, while working full time, trying to get my workouts in, and writing my novel. I love the progress I’ve made with Women’s Fitness on the Examiner. If you’re interested in reading my latest fitness articles please read at www.examiner.com/womens-fitness-in-salt-lake-city/sarah-isaacson or look up “Women’s Fitness” on facebook and “like” it to be connected to receiving immediate notifications of articles as they come. I have been completely engrossed in moving and writing fitness articles (mainly interviews, I am backed up with tons to post). I was able to do my cardio before work on Monday, but have had a bad cold all week so didn’t work out. I have been eating healthy though, since I can’t taste anyway its easy!
I’ve been thinking a lot lately about my 5 strategies to success (posted in my first page) and staying accountable to the promises I make myself. While thinking about my goals, within step 2 and 3 (if you read earlier you will know that these are the “job” and “creation” steps) I decided to try to put them within a healthy time frame. I posted what my goals are already, so I’ll tell you what I am doing with those.
I printed off a calendar for November and December of this year and assessed where I currently am within my goals. My book is in need of more writing (mainly transitional paragraphs between chapters), I could work on creating more recipes for my fitness cookbook (I think I’ll call it “Sexy Recipes”), and I am doing well with step 2 (my job) and may even have an advancement opportunity coming up soon! (Don’t worry; I haven’t lost my hunger no matter the pay because I live for my goals). Step 3 is tough because it doesn’t pay the bills (yet) and I have to deal with working 40 hour weeks, moving, hitting the gym, balancing my relationships with my fiancé and family members, and certain crises. Everyone has to do this, so it’s no surprise; it’s called life. But adding to life the creation process is even more tiring because it takes more than simply maintaining. I’ve been writing a lot on my lunch breaks and have made strides within the past week. What I did was I wrote out my November 2010 calendar. It was the 8th when I printed it off so I started there. I posted daily goals to do 30 min of cardio Monday, Wednesday, Friday, and Saturday or Sunday while maintaining my diet. Cardio is my weakness, that’s why it’s on my calendar. I will lift weights every day no problem, so it’s not posted on the calendar. Then I added creating a new recipe. I picked Thursday because it’s payday and that’s when I can gather ingredients necessary for what I need. Along with my two weekly fitness goals I added two writing goals. I have to write 1-2 articles a week for the Examiner to build on that foundation of fitness credibility. I also have written every day on my lunch hour from the 8th through today. I wrote three new chapters this week and edited one and thought of a great transition from one chapter scene to another, and spent some time fleshing out the qualities of a weak character.
So, that’s a load of step 3 on top of my step 2 workload (on top of trying to gain a promotion which means more work with no extra pay yet in order to prove myself as competent in a management position the office).
I don’t take any energy pills or drink energy either. In order to maintain each day AND add a step the next to become better and better it takes mental focus and physical stamina—that’s why junk food is out. The enchilada recipe I made last Thursday has given me a kick start of energy because I put potatoes in it for an insulin spike (short term energy), then my energy lasted longer because of the brown rice I added. My food is my energy, my energy is my life. What I do with my life comprises my successes or failures, so I prepare each day for success. Every day is planned, every meal weighed and created for a purpose, and every minute accounted for. I am not on auto pilot. I listen, absorb, and produce. But it is hard, and it wasn’t overnight. I do have fun, too. I am not a robot (now!) because I also balance. If something fun and spontaneous comes up, I go for it. I am as impulsive as I am calculated. The difference is that while I am being impulsive I follow my own pre-determined rules.
Anyway, my lunch is over. Gotta go back to work until four. See you later!

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