Today I am working on balancing my time, energy, and leisure. I have found that most of my quality attention has been used at work, and I am too burnt out to work out at the gym (to reach my goals of competing in the NPC), and my writing has lagged behind. Of course negativity ensued because I felt less energetic and unable to emotionally cope with my personal life. Weekends weren’t filled with fun, just worry. So, I logged my activities and diet for two weeks and as I had suspected, eating junk had a direct correlation with my mental and physical energy. I am better this week. Here’s why:
1. I am eating clean (I eat 5-6 small meals a day of mainly brown rice, oats, chicken, or fish, with a side of veggies and fat free cottage cheese before bed)
a. Two important aspects of clean eating for success are Timing and Consistency. Everyday my body knows when to expect a meal so it is able to release fats because it’s anabolic (opposite of starvation mode—catabolic)
b. Though I can no longer work out every single day I am now getting a full body workout in on weekends by super setting my exercises. I hit every body part at least once a week without resting because my heart rate stays up and I don’t have time for as much cardio as I would like.
2. I am having more fun! I spend time with my love, Johnny. Also, on weekends I have been doing things I like to do: seeing movies at the cheap dollar theaters (critiquing them after is the best part), and I go down to Utah County to visit my family (I miss them so much). That centers me and keeps my mind off of work. I also catch up with my friends (luckily my fiancé and I have the same friends) and me and Johnny spend time cooking new bodybuilding recipes together (eating chicken and brown rice all week is not fun!)
3. I have one CHEAT meal for sanity. And I save it up. Ok, maybe a bag of Resees isn’t a meal. So, I don’t count it! And I pursue the Honey Stung Chicken Sandwich at GoodWood, or I have 2 slices of pizza (no more than that!) from Little Caesars.
4. I plan for my future. On weekends I plan ahead (nothing work related because I wrap that up in the office on the clock on Fridays). I visualize where I want my book to be, or my body to be in the next two months. And I do something positive to help me reach those goals.

So, I feel better now. I have more energy because there’s hope for the future and I am actually doing something every day to pursue my personal and professional goals.
A quick note that makes life go by easier is to cut out infectors. Infectors are people who bring their negativity into your life and make it your problem. I am not saying friends and family members who have problems are infectors. It’s ok to listen to them vent or to offer solutions, and yes, it does bring us down, but we learn to cope with it and not let it affect our daily stress if we are emotionally mature adults. Infectors are those who hurt you. They are people who are doing the same thing this year as they were doing last year. No better. No progress. Same drama, different day. Drop them. They don’t usually get better. You will feel a weight lift off your shoulders once you cut the infection out of your life. I dropped several the past few years.
Facebook and other social networking programs are a great way to catch up on people’s lives without being involved in a conversation with them. Drop your infectors and check them out on there later to see if they have become better people or not months or years down the road. Then you can make the decision whether it’s a permanent or temporary drop. Good Luck with your week!
What do you do to relieve stress and improve your life?

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